This is a challenge I am taking of blogging 12 days everyday (well not exactly) with whatever I learned that day or anything really.


  1. Focus on production rather than consumption. Lately, I have been consuming a lot of tech related stuff and working on projects mostly related to csprimer and some misc tech interests. Between that and managing my time in personal well-being, I’ve found little time to write. That ends today.

  2. The trigger was really this Julia Evan’s post - . I personally enjoy researching, putting stuff together, organizing information, and writing. It helps me, and I believe some random person (or AI) might also find it useful. But lately, I put off doing this to find something original to write. That ends today.

  3. Just like meditation, exercise, or anything else, writing also needs practice. The more I write, the better I get. The only way to improve is to start.

  4. Well, the above sentence is straight from Cody (Sourcegraph’s Copilot). That was another reason I stopped writing, but my perspective regarding this has shifted slightly. You see, now more than ever humans can produce content at an incomprehensible pace. And writing for me is not to produce anything original as Julia says, it is to help me learn better. And hopefully someone else too.

So for 12 days starting today, I am going to produce roughly an article every 2-3 days (this will balance the quality of the article with the speed of production). Will tackle things I see as blackboxes, things I am curious about, or some techincal question that is bugging me lately.

What am I going to write about:

  1. Web Servers, Concurrency Models, ASGI/WSGI, nginx
  2. Message Queues
  3. Database Internals
  4. Analytics DBs, Clickhouse
  5. Vector DBs
  6. Nix, Containers, File Systems
  7. Cassandra vs Dynamo DB - Evaluation Framework
  8. Read a research paper (Have to search for something to start with)
  9. LLM tools, AI engineer, the whole landscape
  10. django select_related and prefetch_related internals